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CETS LLC Principal Bio's

Janina Petrick, CEO

Ms. Petrick, a native of Poland, brought the principals together to form CETS in 2003 with the goal of developing a commercially viable means of rapidly producing commercial quantities of high-quality seed potatoes. Her prior experience in international trade and financing includes the establishment of financial programs to support equipment sales through international financial institutions (IMF, EXIM) and the development of dealerships and customer service support programs in Eastern Europe. She also participated in the US State Department Open World program promoting democracy by bringing people closer together through trade, finance and business. Ms. Petrick is fluent in three languages.

Dr. Raymond Bula

With a PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Bula brings to CETS over 50 years of experience in the field of agricultural science and technology. He has been named Fellow by a number of professional societies and organizations including being inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame, Space Foundation (2000). Dr. Bula was involved in a plant biotechnology program that conducted experiments with space flight and hardware development for the Space Shuttle, MIR, and ISS.
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Judge Raymond Gieringer

As a graduate of the Marquette University Law and Engineering Schools, Judge Gieringer has amassed years of experience in real-estate law, business development, manufacturing consultation and legal consulting. His past professional positions include District Attorney, Corporate President, Judge and Elected Official. His family is involved in Bula-Gieringer Farms, a high-intensity, large scale growing operation located in central Wisconsin.

Wayne Harris

Mr. Harris helped found 6AM Marketing, Inc., a full-service marketing firm in Madison, Wisconsin. With over 20 years experience in high-level marketing, Mr. Harris’ expertise focuses on the franchise and licensing business. Mr. Harris has been President of Forward Wisconsin, Inc. and has served on the Governor’s Cabinet and many other councils and boards in the past two decades. He is a past executive of McDonald’s Corporation and was later an award-winning franchisee.